Key Takeout’s from the 2022 Budget Speech

South Africa’s Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana, delivered his 2022 budget speech in February, which analysts have since described as “feel-good.” Not only did he extend a hand to foreign investors in an attempt to get our country’s economy up and running again, but he also gave South Africans a few reasons to smile! Take […]

5 Things That Could Impact your Payroll in the New Tax Year

Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana, presented the 2022/2023 Budget Speech on 23 February 2022. This gave small businesses and individuals some relief, but it also provided a much clearer picture of what the year ahead holds financially. We’re shedding some light on a few things that employers need to keep in mind for this tax […]

What to Include in your Annual Business Budget Plan

As we enter 2022, planning for the year ahead is underway. We’re setting our new goals for the year and putting measures to help achieve those goals. Annual business budget planning is an essential task that SMMEs often overlook. However, it is crucial to setting your company up for success. Why? It provides your business […]

How Spotlight Helps Improve Your Reporting

Have you heard of Spotlight Reporting before? This powerful financial reporting software is a must-have tool when it comes to growing your business through informed decisions and actionable insights. We’re taking a closer look at the products offered which can empower business owners and provide financial clarity: Management Reporting – Easily import financial and non-financial […]

Black Friday Business Budget Hacks

For both customers and businesses, Black Friday is one of the shopping highlights of the year! Originating in the USA, the tradition has now been adopted globally and South Africans look forward to great savings every November. Many businesses start planning their Black Friday sales and campaigns months in advance, to make the most of […]

How to Streamline your Expense Capturing

Every business has expenses and keeping track of these is important both to the day-to-day running and the long-term finances of your company. However, the process of capturing expenses can be a tedious one that not many employees enjoy doing. It can also be time consuming, which takes employees away from other important tasks they […]

The Real Benefits of Budgeting

Whether you are just starting out, or have an established business, having a budget is essential to your success. We are taking a closer look at some of the benefits to budgeting, and why it can make or break your business. What is a Budget? For a business, a budget serves as a roadmap. It […]

Have a start up? Want to raise capital? Here’s your cheat sheet.

Jeff Schumacher is one of the coolest dudes it has been my privilege to interview here in Davos. The CEO of 500-person multinational BCG Digital Ventures lives in California, but some distance away from Silicon Valley. He prefers the attractions of Manhattan Beach which puts the surf on his doorstep and ski-able mountains a short […]